Sunday, July 3, 2011

happy canada day!

it was canada day on friday so it was also a holiday for everyone and we decided to have a big camp-out party bbq thing with a bunch of very great people. i put lights up around the barn doors so that our friend danielle's band could play a sweet & spontaneous show at dusk.

this delicious feast just kept getting bigger and bigger as guests arrived and presented their treats.

we'd been cleaning the pond for weeks before the party and the guests took full advantage.

quoits! pronounced "kwaits".

b-ball at dusk

Danielle and friends at dusk.

make no mistake, the canoe did capsize and these brave gents were thrown into the water fully clothed. Definitely a highlight.

barn stage

the necessary hilarious dance party. much Robyn was played and enjoyed.

hope you had a lovely holiday weekend, everyone!


  1. So sad we missed this. Looks like it was a blast!

  2. was sweet. but we'll have a redo august in ithaca!